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If you missed the agents event on March 11th, you can watch the recording here.

We will be celebrating the graduation of our 2015 Fellows at BookCourt with readings from current fellows and distinguished faculty including Andre Aciman.

Monday, May 18th at 7:00PM
163 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

To Charlotte Kent for her piece in The Brooklyn Rail:
Art Story
To Jonathan Durbin for his pieces in Secret Behavior, the New England Review, and Electric Literature's Recommended Reading:
Dad Thing

To Nathan Thrall for his essay in the London Review of Books:
Hamas's Chances

For more pieces by our writers and graduates, please visit Students' Work.

As we enter our seventh successful year, our mission at The Writers' Institute couldn’t be clearer: to introduce talented writers to New York’s finest and most prestigious editors. Ambition and creativity are the mainstays of our workshops.

With our unique approach, The Writers' Institute offers a one-year intensive course of instruction capped by a certificate and priceless tips straight from the intricate workings of every editor's mind.

Savvy readers and brilliant sculptors of talent, members of our faculty currently represent publishing giants such as Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Knopf, Norton, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harper’s and Granta. Make sure to check our homepage for their bios! And while you're at it, take a look at our roster of students as well. Read more...

The Quality of the Affection Part One, by Lloyd Lynford, appearing in GRANTA

The Quality of the Affection, Part Two, by Lloyd Lynford, appearing in GRANTA

Can We Drink Soda Responsibly? By Anya Sacherow, appearing in TIME

Abingdon Square by Andre Aciman, appearing in the GRANTA podcast

Five Stories by Debora Kuan, appearing in The Brooklyn Rail

Anna King reviews several books for The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Writers’ Institute fellow Janelle Lynch has written two book reviews for Photo-Eye Magazine. One of War is Only Half the Story, Vol. 5. and another of New Color Guide: Photographs by John Maclean.

“Boston changed marathon running, but the friendly race vibe remains”

The Graduate Center’s Public Programs, together with The Writers’ Institute and the Leon Levy Center for Biography had the honor of hosting the event, “Exiles: A Conversation between Andre Aciman and Aleksander Hemon” at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Proshanksy Auditorium last night as part of the Public Programs series. Andre Aciman, originally Egyptian, and Italian, French, and New Yorker depending on the occasion, is the founder and director of The Writers’ Institute and Distinguished Professor and Chair at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Program in Comparative Literature. He is also the acclaimed writer of the memoir Out of Egypt and novels Read more…

Last night at The Writers’ Institute, students current, former, and prospective came together the CUNY Graduate Center’s Skylight room to enjoy the Institute’s end of year party and informal graduation ceremony. Founder and director Andre Aciman introduced the readers, opening the ceremony with stories of writers who went forward from the Institute to be featured in publications like Granta, to be quoted in the New York Times, and to sign publication contracts for novels. After getting to Montoya also points out that with the current epidemic of casino spiele prescription painkiller abuse, clinicians need more research on costeffective detox casino Read more…

A piece by William Hood, a Writers’ Institute fellow, featured in the New York Times:

This week at The Writer”s Institute: A “Meet the Editors” event last night hoped to dispel the fear all writers have of editors, the almighty deciders who so often hold our fate in their hands. Generously speaking with us were an illustrious panel; Dorothy Wickendon, executive director of the New Yorker, Lorin Stein, editor at The Paris Review, Lucas Wittmann, editor of the book section at The Daily Beast, and Adam Moss, editor-in-chief at New York Magazine – undoubtedly New York’s top editors. Program director Andre Aciman introduced them by asking, “What is an editor’s life? Who are these terrifying Read more…

An authority on Marcel Proust, the literature of seventeenth-century France, and a host of other subjects, André Aciman believes in the importance of teaching and has always enjoyed his work as a professor in The Graduate Center’s Comparative Literature and French Programs. Yet in the course of this work, he noticed something. While his students could write in a manner appropriate to a scholarly journal, most seemed at a loss when trying to communicate with a mainstream audience that did not share their particular expertise. And the problem was not limited to budding scholars, but rather seemed commonplace among aspiring Read more…

Upcoming Events

Join us on May 18th at 6:30pm for a reading at BookCourt to celebrate this year’s fellows! BookCourt 163Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 More information Read more…

Meet the Agents, 2015 Wednesday, March 11th 6:30-9:00 PM The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016 Rooms 9206/9207 A Panel Discussion Read more…



Dorothy Wickenden offered hours of her weekends working with me on a pitch for an investigative story, Sam Tanenhaus spent part of his Thanksgiving vacation editing a three thousand word book more
-Nathan Thrall
whose work has appeared in The New York Times,
The New York Review of Books
and GQ
By April, when the program ended, my expectations had been exceeded when John Freeman, editor of Granta,bought one of my stories that had been workshopped in his more
-Judith Chicurel

-whose story appeared in the pages of GRANTA
If you are lucky and work hard, these professional relationships will endure as you continue to write and to grow as a more
-Debora Kuan
-whose forthcoming book XING will appear this October
What contact [with many editors] does is demystify them, enabling you to reach them in ways that you otherwise might more
-Albert Fayngold
-who published in The New York Times